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LIQUI-MOLY GmbH is an award-winning manufacturer of automotive additives, lubricants, and oils. A German company built around the patent for production of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), an inorganic compound that reduces friction, the firm makes top-of-the-line products that professionals swear by. For the past six years in a row, LIQUI-MOLY has been awarded the top prize for automobile lubricants by the readers of Auto Bild magazine, one of Europe’s leading car-related publications.

The top benefit of LIQUI-MOLY’s signature motor oil is that it improves efficiency by filling in microscopic gaps that tend to form where moving parts inside the engine rub against each other. LIQUI-MOLY works wonders on fuel distributors, intake and injection valves, combustion chambers, as well as almost any other moving part inside of an engine.


If you’ll settle for nothing but the best in vehicle maintenance and care, ask for LIQUI-MOLY on your next oil change and lubrication. LIQUI-MOLY is also available as a fuel additive, transmission lubricant, and oils designed specifically for vintage cars. With few known side-effects and the power to blast through built-up grease and grime, we at Revolution Motor Works swear by LIQUI-MOLY for its ability to keep cars running for as long as possible.

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