Brake Services

Your brakes operate under extreme conditions, such as the heat of summer, the cold of winter, stop and go traffic, mountains and hills. The brake system is the hardest working system on the car and it needs to be inspected periodically to ensure your safety. '

From disc brakes to drum brakes, brake rotors and calipers, Revolution Motor Works has highly trained technicians to inspect and repair your vehicles brakes. We will inspect your pads, rotors and calipers to ensure proper operation and reliability. We can service brake systems on all makes and models and we have the diagnostic equipment to service all Antilock brake systems (ABS).

You may need to have your brakes inspected if you hear a squeak, squeal, or grinding noise when hitting the brakes. Other warning signs to watch for are the brake warning or ABS lamp on the dash, 'a soft or spongy brake pedal, and your vehicle pulling to one side when applying the brakes If your vehicle seems to take longer to stop than normal it may be time for us to inspect your brakes. You should have your brakes inspected at least every six months to verify proper operation and safety.

Brake Fluid Flush

We'll perform a complete brake system flush with DOT4 brake fluid. 'First we'll remove all old brake fluid from the reservoir and flush clean fluid through the brake lines. New fluid in the lines will restore the brake pedal 'feel' and improve braking performance compared to old, worn-out fluid. This type of maintenance is recommended by all vehicle manufacturers.

Precision Brake Rotor Matching

We match-machine your brake rotors with a state-of-the-art 'Hunter' on-car brake lathes. This is the preferred method of machining brake rotors that's recommended by almost every vehicle manufacturer. We machine a small amount of material off of them, thus eliminating the need to replace your quality factory rotors. This saves you money and provides you with a superior brake job. We prevent any unwanted brake pedal pulsation by match-machining the brake rotors to the vehicle hub. This type of service can be done with or without new brake pads.

Rear Brake Cleaning and Adjustment

We remove the drums or rotors before cleaning the brake shoes and parking brake shoes. We then adjust the drag on the brakes to ensure proper operation and wear.

Good brakes are crucial to vehicle safety. Make sure yours are in top shape.