How Do I Prepare My Car for the Rainy Season

It is impossible to complain about how bad weather affects transportation without mentioning rain and its effects. It is easier for vehicles to slide on the road during the rainy season than on regular days. The first drops of fall make the road slippery, and more rain makes it difficult for tires to contact the road. Your tires ride on top of the water like water skis when you drive faster.

Rainy season does not require you to make significant modifications to your car. But observing a few precautions during the beginning of the rainy season can make driving an exciting yet safe experience.

Here are some of the modifications you need to do for your car before the rainy season arrives;

Inspect the Tire Tread to Notice Wear

A penny test will help identify wear on the tire. Insert the penny in the tread with Lincoln's head upside down. If you do not see Lincoln's hair, your tread is in the proper condition. Buy new tires if you see Lincoln's head and hair.

Check the Brake Pads and Brake Fluid

Driving on a slippery road eats up the brake pads and fluid. Schedule a car checkup if you are experiencing any noise from your car while driving. A grinding noise or a high-pitched squeal signifies that the brakes have problems.

Test the Windshield Wipers

Check if the windshield wipers are working effectively and clean them. Replace the wipers if they leave streaks on the windshield to help maintain safe field vision while driving.

Use the Anti-water Protector

The anti-water protector will assist the rainwater to drain and roll off the windshields and the mirrors faster.

Maintain the headlights

Properly working headlights are essential during the rainy season as they increase visibility. The headlights will light the road to let you see other drivers and vital road features. The beam of your headlight can be the only way other drivers can see you when it is raining. Remember that turning on the headlights when using the windshield wipers is a law requirement.

Getting Started

Slight modifications on your vehicle will put you on the safe side when the rainy season begins. It is wise to prepare for the rain before the seasons arrive to evade inconveniences. But do not treat the preparation process casually; bring your vehicle into Revolution Motor Works in Finksburg, MD today for professional vehicle service.

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