Can Fall Leaves Hurt My Car?

In most parts of the US, fall's arrival means cooler weather, cozy sweaters, and football. Also, our trees transform into bright colors, and their leaves start to fall. It may cover the roads in your neighborhood and driveway. Unfortunately, an abundance of autumn leaves can cause costly damage to your vehicle in various ways.

Affect Paint Finish

Some fall leaves contain sap and pollen that can ruin your paint's finish. When leaves get wet, it becomes acidic, making it easy to penetrate your car's finish and leave behind marks or imperfections. Additionally, the damp leaves can even develop rust formation when they get caught behind trim and molding. 

Make Your Wheels Slippery

Roads covered in slimy leaves can cause your car to slip and slide when you try to brake. If you notice that the street is blanketed in leaves, it's more challenging to detect pavement markings, potholes, speed bumps, and other obstacles on the road. All these road hazards can also increase your chances of vehicle damage and getting in an accident.

Interfere with Engine Performance

Sometimes these pesky leaves can get caught under the hood. As a result, the pieces can jam your air filter and reduce engine performance. Furthermore, it can affect the performance of your HVAC system. And if it remains in your filter long enough, it can grow mold and develop a very unpleasant smell.

Cause Water Leaks

Dead leaves and dirt tend to clog the drain holes that generally allow water to clear underneath your car's windshield. When these obstructed drain holes are coupled with worn seals surrounding your windscreen's glass, water can seep inside the passenger compartment. Not only will you have a mess to clean up, but it could also damage your interior and leave a mildewy odor.


Tips on How to Protect Your Car

  • Avoid parking under trees. 
  • Brake cautiously on wet surfaces.
  • Discard leaf debris under the hood and replace your air filter. 
  • Wash and wax your vehicle regularly. Use a hose to get the leaves off.
  • Get your windshield inspected. A professional can clean out your drain holes.


If you suspect that the fall leaves have harmed your vehicle in any way, please do not hesitate to bring your car to Revolution Motor Works. We can give you a full point inspection, including looking at your windshield seals and cleaning out your drain holes if needed. Please give us a call or visit our shop in Finksburg, MD.

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