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Revolution Motor Works is Open & Doing Our Part to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Revolution Motor Works is Open & Doing Our Part to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

At Revolution Motor Works, we want you to know that we remain OPEN as an essential business during these tough times. We know that many of our community members are working from home, are out of work, or have kids out of school to take care of. While many businesses have closed for the time being, auto repair is considered a necessary industry and is permitted to stay open during this time. This is because so many people will still rely on their vehicles to get them to work, to the store, or to retrieve medical assistance.  Here are some important measures we are taking to protect the safety of our customers and employees while remaining open to serve you:  We will be open normal business hours during this time (unless otherwise stated).   We are offering contactless service via our key box pick up/drop off. Drop of your vehicle, keys, and filled out drop-off form and we can communicate with you completely over the phone.   We are accepting online or  ... read more

What is a Brake System Flush?

Your vehicle's brake system runs on fluid in order to create the proper hydraulic pressure to slow and stop when you need to. When you apply pressure on the brake pedal, the brake fluid uses hydraulic pressure to press the brake pads against the rotors to initiate the slowing of the wheels.  Over time, brake fluid can be contaminated with moisture and grime, which can affect its overall performance. Air in the fluid can lessen its ability to create hydraulic pressure, and can lead to brake failure. This is why a brake fluid flush is so important at certain intervals.  What does a brake system flush consist of? A brake system flush is the process in which current brake fluid is drained from the system and is replaced with fresh, clean fluid.  How often do I need a brake system fluid flush? If you're looking for information regarding your vehicle's factory recommendations, the best source is your vehicle's owner's manual. The typical interval for a b ... read more

What's the Difference between Synthetic and Regular Motor Oil?

When getting an oil change, you may have been asked whether you want regular, synthetic, or a synthetic blend of oil. The most important thing is that you get the oil that is right for your vehicle, which should be outlined in your vehicle's owner's manual. However, here is some additional information on the differences and how to choose the right oil for your vehicle.  Vehicles initially used conventional motor oil but has quickly become replaced by synthetic oil, which is lab developed to provide the best lubrication and performance. If you are unsure about oils and which is best, always have comfort knowing that the mechanics here at Revolution Motor Works can educate and guide you on the best options for your car.  Conventional motor oil uses a base oil blend with additives to meet the needs of vehicles. There is a wide range of oils available, some that are basic and others that are very high quality. Conventional oil is now mostly used for older model vehicles ... read more

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